Onigiri Episode 1 and Preamble

Good day, SupremeTentacle here. A while back, I played an MMO by the name of Onigiri, and many of my friends did the same. Thinking back on it, it was a horrible choice. Gameplay wasn’t really all that great, the game was glitchy, and there was nothing to do but PVE. That said, the game has still left it’s own brand of nostalgia, as I had grown fairly attached to it in the time that I spent playing it.

That would be why I’m here making this post today. We’ve gathered a few individuals and put together a translation group so that we could provide accurate, high quality subs for the anime. Two members of this group have ever worked on translation in the past. I used to translate the Onigiri JP patch notes, and the TLC, Momiji, used to work on the Mahouka light novels. I’m currently working on a visual novel in my spare time as well.

This first episode was delayed due to the encoding issues we were having, and the fact that it was the first time this group has worked together on a project like this. Everything should progress more quickly from now on, and we’re hoping to release the second episode within a few days of it coming out, at the latest. I hope that you, as the viewer, will not mind trading off this wait time in exchange for the quality we deliver, as we strive to do a much better job than the “official” subbers. Anyways, please enjoy yourself watching them, as I’m sure we had a blast playing around with the subs while working on them.

Here’s the google drive link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzKFk1AIxJsKNzNJM3ZnXzYwc3c

We’ll be adding some more links a bit later on.